Restaurant Solutions

The hallmark of a great restaurant is great food and great service, that’s quite obvious. But the vibe it offers also makes a lasting impression and has the potential to make a regular patron out of a one off customer.

Among the more visible interior aspects such as lighting, furniture and cutlery, seemingly smaller aspects such as landscaping might not take precedence but they certainly have an outsized impact on the overall look and ‘feel’ of the space.

While we encourage planting of real plants wherever possible ,especially outdoor areas, certain aspects in their upkeep create a challenge. Besides the usual issues provisionof enough natural light and regular maintenance, issues of inviting insects and pest infestations are a bigger worry- especially in an indoor environment closer to a seating area..
Artificial plants are an excellent alternative in such scenarios. Not only are they hyper realistic, but they require next to no maintenance and upkeep especially in an air-conditioned environment. These can be planted in a host of creative ways to lend some soothing, beautiful aesthetic to a restaurant’s décor.The best bit- your patron’s won’t be able to tell the difference!
From creating stunning vertical wall patterns to customizing creative hanging plant options, artificial plants, ferns, grasses and arrangements are an excellent cost effective yet visually powerful options, when used in a creative manner, can really contribute to help your business stand out from the crowd.
Here’s some visuals in some of the various ways artificial plants can be effectively used for restaurants.


Using ferns, leafy bunches and vertical wall mats we created a customized green wall pattern for a unique bid concept restaurant. Next to no maintenance, the impact it creates is immediate.

Artificial green walls are an excellent option for various spaces within the restaurant. These are highly versatile and customizable and can be used especially to create partitions and screen off areas, especially in outdoor seating environs ,wherever permanent structures might not be allowed, at the entrance , reception, waiting areas . Artificial boxwood hedges are suitable for outdoors and make for great faux hedges and green screens.

A signage logo and brand caption mounted on a green wall create an excellent photo space for guests and help boost the brand presence of your restaurant across social media platforms.

Artificial succulents in chic planters and floral arrangements such as orchids are great options for table top décor. Extremely life-like and take up a small space, they add the warmth and welcoming vibe right at the table.
With false ceilings becoming a past trend, high ceilings are here to stay. Using drop down planters with an assortment of artificial ferns, bushes and creepers with the right kind of ambient lighting can create a magical inviting vibe.