Office Solutions

Artificial ficus elastica (rubber plant) and draceana plants in white planters near the waiting area of a corporate office.

At Charmi, we offer a range of versatile interior landscaping solutions in artificial flora to boost the overall aesthetic of a workspace. Strategically using greens has a remarkable impact on the overall vibe of a particular space and can certainly help the cause of the workspace’s productivity. Artificial plants for offices and commercial interiors make for a great alternative where light and other natural conditions aren’t conducive for live plants.

Moreover, live plants require a fair amount of dedicated maintenance and care for them to thrive, not at all an easy job for a bustling busy workspace. Artificial plants offer not only a very low maintenance yet botanically accurate option but also offer a wide range of textures and types which are not dependent on external conditions of regular like like real plants.

Artificial landscaping for offices covers a host of options such as creating a screening off region around individual workstations , creating subtle partitions between spaces , making a highly visual impact with artificial green walls, lending a soothing vide with artificial trees and plants in waiting, receiving areas to mention a few.



Screening off particular areas or creating subtle partitions, artificial bamboos provide an excellent functional , low cost and aesthetic option.
Who doesn’t love a vase full of flowers after all? Especially flowers that don’t wither in a few days or are dependent on the whims of seasons and weather. Make an instant impact with your clients and visitors by artfully arranging a bouquet from a wide range of botanically accurate flowers from across the world.

Artificial plants for offices avoid the mess involved with soil, manure and watering and nor are they prone to infections and pest attacks like their real counterparts- especially relevant for very sensitive workspaces.

Artificial plants, boxwood hedges and especially bamboos can be effectively employed to screen off unsightly areas, ducts, niches and such spaces in a very low cost and can be easily moved around if need be causing no permanent fixing.
We installed this as the background to the informal meeting/ lounge area of a corporate office. It immediately lightens the overall mood of the space and also creates a wonderful visual impact for guests. Executed by Charmi for a corporate consultancy services office in Pune.

Simply planting a mid height artificial plant in symmetrical minimal planters lends a pleasing and warm vibe to the area.. These can be used in conference rooms, cabins, waiting and informal meeting areas, cafeterias and unused niches which otherwise look empty and dull.

Some suitable like-like plants for offices include artificial Rubber plant, Dracaena plant, Fiddle leaf plant, Ficus , Crotons, Schefflera to name a few.


A wonderful example of effectively using an artificial vertical garden.