Artificial Green walls

A hassle free, long lasting aesthetic makeover for your unused walls and vacant spaces.
Green walls, vertical gardens, green foliage facades are one of the more popular modern décor solutions.And for good reason.
Few décor concepts rival the overall aesthetic appeal of well designed green foliage wall. Green walls take up only lateral space on unused vertical surfaces but their beauty elevates the entire mood of a space which in turn does wonders for overall productivity- be it influencing customer opinion or improving employee output.

Dull, monotonous walls needing some livening up?
Want a good solution to cover unsightly pipes and structural distractions?
Looking for a good solution to create partitions?

We at Charmi Collections house a wide range of options for artificial vertical gardens and artificial green walls to seamlessly landscape your indoor and outdoor environs.

Artificial green walls are versatile, botanically accurate and very sturdy against weather elements and the best part- they require next to no maintenance. These vertical garden options vary from flexible panels, fixed planter boxes and direct planting in mesh.

While vertical gardens involving real plants have unique benefits, they require a constantly controlled environment. Factors such as intensity of sunlight, wind and other prevailing conditions coupled with availability of a water delivery system make the system unviable in certain situations and require regular attention. Pests and mosquitoes have been another menace when regular maintenance becomes difficult.


A customized patterned artificial greenwall at a restaurant. An excellent low cost, high impact aesthetic


A customized green wall pattern for a lounging area of a corporate office
Artificial plants have an added advantage of availability of a wide variety of non-season specific artificial plants, grasses, ferns and creepers. What’s more, these are UV stabilized, meaning they can be installed in an outdoor sunlit environment and they will resist colour fade for years together.

Artificial green walls can be installed in almost any structural conditions and shapes as they require negligible maintenance post installation. Moreover, with a wide range of botanically accurate plants, grasses, ferns, creepers and moss our artificial vertical green wall solutions are indistinguishable from real plants!


Bringing an otherwise dull bathroom experience alive with this anthorium artificial greenwall.


Greenwall panels with a mix of botanically realistic green elements. These are treated to last in outdoor conditions as well, making them suitable for use in numerous situations.

Artificial vertical gardens come in various options-

-foliage mat of fixed dimensions –various foliage designs in a fixed size mat form which can be seamlessly installed as panels on a variety of surfaces. Allows for as variety of customized designsand more impostantly, suitable for harshly lit outdoor environments.
-Planter boxes-Artificial plants such as pothos, ferns, baby’s tear, dracaena, wandering jew plant, sword ferns etc can be planted in symmetrically aligned boxes to create dazzling patterns.

We, at Charmi have catered to a wide arc of customized artificial green wall requirements over the last 17 years in Pune. Our services include consultation, site visits, mock ups and on-site installation. Visit us for a free consultation on how you can enliven your space – whether it’s a residential balcony, an office reception area or a restaurant or commercial establishment.


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